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John Lyons Round Pens: Sweetbriar Farm and Stables is a proud distributor of the best portable or permanent round pens in the equine business. Horse legend John Lyons is widely recognized as a leading trainer in the business. He has developed high-quality equine products, most notably his round pens, and Sweetbriar is the only Lyons distributor in the tri-state area.

Lyons pens are the only pens on the market made from aluminized steel – an ultra-strong and very lightweight material with high resistance to rust.

The 6 foot high pens keep even rowdy or nervous horses safely contained, and the Lyons design allows for easy assembly – two, or even just one person, can easily assemble and take down these sturdy, portable pens in minutes.

Other Lyons Round Pen features include:

Rails: Rails are far enough apart that a horse can stick his whole head through the panel and get it back out without causing any damage to himself.

Portable panels: John's panels use an attached drop pin system that can be pulled in a couple of seconds. And being extremely light and easy to handle, moving this round pen is an easy job.

Gate latch: The gate latch is simple, but strong
and safe. The weight of the gate makes it almost impossible for the latch to accidentally spring open, or for a horse to figure out how to open it.

Gate features: John's gates are 8' tall and open both in and out. Most gates are 7' tall, but John's are 8' tall and 6' wide. The extra width and height make it safer for the person and the horse- especially if you are working with a reluctant horse.

Welded corners: The top corners of John's panels are welded for strength, safety, and to still look great. By welding the top corners of the panels at a 45-degree angle, extra strength is added to the panel. And with corners at 90 degree angles, the space between the panels is smaller. If a horse should rear up and get his front leg over the panel, the chance of him sliding a leg down in between the panels is greatly reduced.

Strength and durability: John's panels are extremely strong and durable. A horse can stand with two feet in the center of the panel and not cause the panel to bend or sag. One panel weighs only about the same as a bale of hay, yet is easier to carry.

Resale value: Because John's panels hold their value, your investment can be returned. John believes if you take good care of your panels, you should get most (if not all) of your money back during resale.

Safe for horses: Safety is and always has been John's first consideration with his panels. John has personally worked thousands of unbroken horses using this design of paneling, and he is yet to have a horse get hurt with this unique system.


Call Don Bank at 216 440 5490 (cell) or 330 723 3150 (home office) for more information on selecting the right round pen for your unique needs.